Mimio Educator: Boxlight Brands Win 10 Best of 2022 Awards from Tech & Learning

The Boxlight family has 10 reasons to celebrate early in the year – we won 10 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence. Five of our solutions earned Best of 2022 in both Primary and Secondary categories – Attention! campus communication solution, MimioPro 4 interactive display, CleverLive cloud content management platform,  Robo 3D printer, and EOS Education Professional Development services. 

The Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022 celebrates educational technology from the past year that has “excelled at supporting teachers, students, and education professionals in the classroom, for professional development or general management of education resources and learning.”  

The Winners

Attention! is an integrated technology solution that combines FrontRow Conductor™ campus-wide bells, paging, intercom, and emergency communication platform with Boxlight’s CleverLive cloud management platform and the Boxlight MimioPro 4 or Clevertouch IMPACT Max interactive displays for a fully integrated audio-visual messaging and alerting system. FrontRow’s Conductor campus communication platform is a fully customizable system that enables schools to communicate as well as manage IP-based devices per their protocols.  The CleverLive platform turns the MimioPro 4 display or the IMPACT Max display into a powerful communications tool. With CleverLive, users can access, control, and manage content from anywhere and in just a few steps, alerts and updates can be broadcast to all displays. Attention! saves administrators time and energy, especially when information needs to be disseminated quickly and accurately. Watch this video on the Attention! solution -  


The MimioPro 4 interactive display allows everyone in a classroom to see in bright, vibrant color and clear detail. The innovative, touch-driven LCD display can easily function as an interactive whiteboard, PC, and collaboration tool for everyone in the class and those learning from home. Other key features include latest-generation USB-C with charging and hardware optimization; anti-glare glass with level 7 Mohs for a smooth writing experience; four customizable User profiles; and a selection of educational software and apps for teacher and student use. A rich combination of tools makes the MimioPro 4 interactive display an attractive and user-friendly instructional solution that is versatile enough to use for a variety of needs – individualized, small group, and whole class, and in different learning environments. 


CleverLive is a rich, cloud content management platform that turns an interactive display into a communication tool. CleverLive keeps everyone on campus informed by enabling users with the ability to broadcast announcements, messages, and alerts with just a few steps. The CleverLive platform includes hundreds of premade templates for personalization, a customized user interface to quickly access content, and an easy-to-read dashboard to view connected displays, number of users, storage, and more. Administrators can share and control content displayed, including emergency alerts and news. Additional key features of CleverLive include a drag and drop content editor, interactive QR code display, content triggering from mobile devices, multimedia playout, playlist scheduling, and screen grouping. 

Attention sign in school office


Robo 3D printers are turnkey and include access to MyStemKits, the largest library of standards-driven 3D-printable STEAM curriculum for K-12. All Robo 3D printers are fully enclosed with HEPA filter for increased safety in the classroom and/or school maker space. Even a school’s youngest students can participate in 3D printing projects, setting the foundation for skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. In addition, Robo 3D printers are WiFi and Hot Spot enabled for Chromebook and iPad, the student devices of choice in most schools, including Robo cloud printing. This means that educators and students can print projects from anywhere, even from home. For students who learn remotely, they can design and develop their projects along with their classmates which helps to foster a stronger class community. 

 Robo-dino head


EOS Education by Boxlight provides professional development services to districts, schools, and other education-focused organizations that are focused on improving teaching and learning. EOS Education understands the pressures on teachers that result from limited time, low confidence in using tech tools, and the need to help students to progress academically. Their rich portfolio of training solutions helps ensure technology integration, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and improved outcomes for teachers and students. Their high-quality, research-based programs are built with customization in mind and focused on building comfort and confidence using hardware and software platforms available to the teacher. Their offerings are designed to engage, assess understanding, and encourage the application of learned strategies and methods. Training can be facilitated in-person, virtual, or a combination of both. 


Christine Weiser, content director for Tech & Learning, stated - “Our judges were impressed with the breadth of these new products and the industry’s willingness to embrace innovation to support all students. Congratulations to the winners!” 

Boxlight is honored that well-respected organizations such as Tech & Learning continue to recognize the value of dynamic and innovative solutions like Attention!, the MimioPro 4, CleverLive, Robo 3D print, and EOS Education. As we set our goals for 2023, we look forward to providing educators and students with the solutions they need to advance the teaching and learning experience. 


To learn about this year’s Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Best of 2022 winners, click here. 

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