MozaBook expands your teaching tools with versatile illustration, animation and interesting presentation possibilities. Spectacular interactive content and built-in skill-developing, illustrative and virtual lab applications help to arouse students’ interest and help acquiring knowledge.

Simple and intuitive Teachers’ feedback was taken into account during the development. As a result, the software is easy and simple to use, functions can be found where users expect them.

Social Exercise books and worksheets created in mozaBook can be shared at the school or national level, allowing teachers to access and use each other’s exercise books and worksheets in the classroom.

Versatile mozaBook can open PDF documents, allowing users to use PDFs as the basis of their presentations and even turn them into digital publications, by adding interactive content from our media library in just a few simple steps. In this way, users can create their own interactive digital textbooks to use and share.

Breathtaking mozaBook also provides access to the media library, which contains more than a thousand interactive 3D models, hundreds of educational videos and numerous audio files and worksheets that help arouse students’ interest.

Flexible mozaBook can be used on both interactive boards and computers. mozaBook’s user interface supports and can adapt to varying display sizes.

Multilingual The mozaBook software, built-in applications, educational videos, interactive 3D models and their narrations are currently available in many languages, the number of which is constantly expanding.

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