Our intuitive and accessible system helps students develop core skills in programming, engineering, and robotics. We provide a system to facilitate learning and ignite a passion in students with the freedom and flexibility to build, code, and test new and unique models. Mimio MyBot educational robotics system allows students to explore and learn freely while removing common obstacles such as requiring network infrastructure changes or expensive workstations.

  • The Wi-Fi enabled Fusion™ robotic controller does not require any special software or cables to connect with the student workstation. The software, programming languages, and documentation are built in, so all you need is a browser to start learning.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface is designed for education, allowing students to start in a simple drag-and-drop environment and grow into a powerful coding environment as their skills develop.
  • Pre-loaded with a range of educational content to get you started. The MyBot system provides on-device access to programming and hardware reference guides, tutorials, videos, and more.

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